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      Available Courses

      Beginner | 2-3 hours

      In this course, you’ll build a website so you can start selling physical products, gift vouchers, or virtual products online.

      Click here to see the demo website we built in this course.

      Beginner | 1.5 hours

      Learn how to start using Facebook Ads effectively in your business. 

      You’ll learn how to strategically approach your campaigns, how to choose audiences, and set up various ads.

      We use a real tourism operator’s ad account so you get to see exactly how to do it in the real world. 

      Beginner & Intermediate | 1.5 hours

      Learn how to think about the campaigns & audiences, where to find ideas for content, how to target an audience in your nearest capital city, or visitors in destination right now.

      Drive qualified traffic to your product or service without any delay.