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Beginner  |  2-3 hours

Course Creator:   Tim Davies

Learn how to start using Facebook Ads effectively in your business. 

You’ll learn how to strategically approach your campaigns, how to choose audiences, and set up various ads.

We use a real tourism operator’s ad account so you get to see exactly how to do it in the real world. 


  • How to strategically consider the key layers of Facebook ads. Campaigns > Audiences (Adsets) > Ads
  • How to think about your Customer’s Journey, and how it maps directly to Facebook’s campaign objectives.
  • How to set up individual ad creative. When to send people to your website, and when to stick to engagement-focused ads.
  • How to set up a Facebook Pixel, so when you’re ready, you can start retargeting people who have been on your website.
  • How to read the data on how your ads are going. How to switch campaigns and ads on and off. 
  • Understanding key metrics (result data) for different types of campaigns. 
  • Learn how to structure your campaigns, audience, and ads. You will no longer sit around confused about what ads to run.
  • 1.5 hours of easy to follow training videos. We use straight forward language and avoid confusing industry jargon.
  • Watch us as we set up ads in a real tourism operator’s ad account. This isn’t just theory.
  • A computer to work from
  • A personal Facebook account
  • Admin access to a Facebook business page
  • Some images for your business
  • Bring your creativity! There are no rules here…
  • How much will it cost to set up? Getting started on Facebook ads doesn’t have to cost much at all. You have complete control over your budgets, campaigns, and audiences. For a budget of $3-$5 per day, you can actually learn a lot about what marketing messages work to your target audience.
  • Do I need previous experience with Facebook ads? This course will suit people who are completely new to Facebook ads but will also suit people who want to approach their Facebook ads more strategically.