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Free to download and use

Use however you like. Even commercially. It’s that simple. 

Free tourism tracks to download

Who made the music?

Hi, I’m Tim.

The founder of The Charted Course and literal creator of the music you’ll find on this page. It’s mine, so it’s mine to give away as I like.

I’m giving it to you to use however you like in your Tourism business or Regional Tourism Organisation. Heck, if you’re Tourism Australia, I don’t mind if you use it for free either!

Why is it free?

I’ve been creating content for tourism businesses, Regional Tourism Organisation and Councils for the last 5 years.

I’ve always found it quite expensive and often hard to find quality audio tracks to complement tourism videos.

I figure if I couldn’t find much for a reasonable price, then most tourism businesses would find it near impossible.


How does copyright work?

I created my own music to use, share and distribute, on my terms.