Travel and Tourism Website Design

We think it shouldn’t be so hard and expensive for small businesses to get a new website built.

If you’d like to discover a better way, read on.

Is this you? You need a new website, but…

  • you don’t know who to trust
  • you don’t how know much is a fair price
  • you don’t know how long it should take
  • you’ve felt let down by an agency or developer in the past
  • you don’t want to pay for all the bells and whistles when you don’t know if you’ll ever need them
  • you don’t know exactly what you need, but you know you want something that showcases your product and brand better, and leads to sales

We get it, and we share your frustrations.

We have worked on both the agency and small business side. We also have family members that run businesses just like yours. The process should be more transparent. It shouldn’t be so hard for small businesses to find good help.

You should also have more control of what you spend and how much time you want to commit to the details. It simply shouldn’t be so expensive to get a good website built.

We think there’s a better way for you to access the help you need.

We will let you in on a secret.

Here is why it costs so much to get a website built the traditional way.

For a developer or agency to provide a fixed price quote they need to thoroughly understand your requirements upfront. That is fair, right? However, this is difficult, if not impossible. Things change during the process and because your technical skills may be limited, sometimes you just can’t outline everything that you need upfront.

There are also a near-infinite number of tools and integrations your website might need to communicate with. Although most developers will be capable of working with any of those tools, no developer will know all of them, and hence an accurate quote can’t be provided.

The irony is for a developer or agency to provide an accurate quote, you would actually have to pay them to do what is called ‘scoping’. A process where they would spend a number of hours to fully understand what you need, what services your website will work with, how many hours it’ll take to make your website work with them and so on.

Yes, you read correctly. You’d have to pay them to be able to quote you accurately. But that generally, doesn’t happen. So what does?

As a result the agency has to do one of two things; either quote really high to add a buffer for things that might pop up along the way (and blow out costs), or, they have to be very specific (such as through a contract) about what is included in the build.

The former leads to you paying more than you need to for a website. The latter leads to uncomfortable conversations along the way about what you are and are not allowed to have in the website and project.

Another problem with the traditional model is a conflict of motivations. The agency is motivated to use as little time as possible, to maximise their hourly rate. The client doesn’t care how much time is used, as they’re paying a fixed rate, so they’ll repeat things or linger on things, that aren’t necessarily a priority. The most common added costs for the agency are clients making design changes after things have already been approved or requesting new features they’d like added along the way.

I’ve been in the industry for 10 years… I could go on… However, I trust at this point you are as convinced as I, that this surely can’t be the best way to go about this process for both parties.

So, how can you get a new website cheaper and easier than the traditional approach?

Well, the cheapest way is to go to a mass website builder churning and burning sites and clients faster than you can eat a cheeseburger. The site will be cheap ($600-$1000 at a guess) but you’ll likely be stuck with a website that doesn’t actually improve your brand or sales, you don’t understand how to update it, or you get sucked into their model of paying for hosting or updates along the way.

How are we different?

Every website we build is at an hourly rate. This means we get paid for the hours we put in and you only pay for the hours you use. This works really well for small businesses that don’t have ‘approvals by committee’ along the way, slowing things down and costing time. We can get stuck straight into the project without contracts, scoping time, design iterations and other things that end up costing you money, even if you don’t know it is.

You get visibility of estimated hours for your project and a comparison of actual hours used at each milestone.

On commencement, you’ll get a break down of estimated hours and milestones, for your project. This is based broadly on what you need. e.g. A basic website, website + shop, website + booking system integration. Along the way we’ll send you updates on what milestones have been achieved, and how many hours it has taken to get there. You can compare this against the estimation at the start and you can see if you’re on track, behind or in front of the original estimation. No surprises.

Experienced Travel and Tourism Website Builders

So how will you know what it is likely to cost you?

You can use our estimator to choose the features you need and get an immediate estimation of your website project.

Below, we also share the time spent on the last five website projects we’ve done.

Included are broad details about the project, hours spent, and some of the main elements that influenced the time cost, so you have comparisons to make.

Although we don’t name specific clients, this ‘average of the last 5’ is ever visible and ever-changing, based on our most recent website builds – yours included when we’re finished.

It also acts as motivation for us to keep the number as low as possible, because why else would you want to work with us!?

The last 5 projects – avg. 14.4 hours per site.

10 Hours

  • Built on Shopify
  • eCommerce
  • No iterations on design
  • Very few products and pages

13 Hours

  • Copying an existing site design
  • eCommerce
  • Built on WordPress/Woocommerce
  • Few products
  • Amazon cloud server
  • Custom landing pages
  • Set up dedicated email service
  • Paypal and Stripe integration

18 Hours

  • Lots of pages
  • Custom pricing tables
  • High mobile optimisation

19 Hours

  • Highly custom design
  • Committee decision making
  • Multiple iterations on design after each build

12 Hours

  • First website for this brand
  • Few pages
  • Highly animated
  • Copywriting included

Get an estimation for your website, in 2 minutes. No catch.